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We strengthen and grow the culture of innovation in Mississippi.

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We work directly with pre-revenue and post-revenue startups to develop your business strategies, find funding and grow your business.

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We’ve organized all investor resources in Mississippi to help our clients secure early-stage funding.

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Through colloaborations with partners around the state, we work to strengthen the innovation ecosystem through a Regional Accelerator Program, the Mississippi Coding Academies and programs to combat “brain drain” in the state.

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We hold regular events including Startup Weekends, Discovery Luncheons, Mississippi New Venture Challenge, our annual Conference on Technology Innovation and others.

Innovate Mississippi Develops Entrepreneurs

developing mississippi's entrepreneurs

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You’ve got a business idea—but you’re not sure what its potential is or how to fund it. That’s where we come in.

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Our economic impact

Innovate Mississippi has a significant economic impact on the state. For 20 years, we’ve helped develop over 1,500 new companies and connected them with over $181 million in seed and venture capital, resulting in new high-paying jobs being created within our state. We are able to continue providing coaching and connection to resources for entrepreneurs thanks to the generous support of our public and private sponsors.

800 +
companies accelerated
2000 +
jobs created
in private investment
$ 10
state cost per job


From startup businesses to startup weekends, Innovate Mississippi has helped
launch, nurture and grow ventures and initiatives of all shapes and sizes.


GrowinLocal logo

GrowinLocal connects food producers (from personal gardeners to large farmers) to local customers via an iOS and Android. They work with Innovate Mississippi with a proof-of-concept award from the Mississippi Seed Fund.

Hyperluxe Gaming

HyperLuxe gaming makes it easier for esports tournament organizations to create and monetize gaming competitions in a completely virtual setting. Hyperluxe has raised over $1 million in angel funds.

Duet Technologies developed a 3-in-1 electric barbering tool that stays cool for prolonged use and combines a clipper, a trimmer, and a shaver. Duet has raised over $250,000 in funding from the MSU Venture Catalyst program, the Mississippi Seed Fund, and the Bulldog Angel Network.

MoonShine Logo

Moonshine officially launched late in 2021 and has paying clients and customers already with a gig-economy model for delivering alcohol.

AI Control Technology

AI Control Technology makes systems that empower high-tech aquaculture cultivation. They're the recipients of MS Seed Fund loan administered by Innovate Mississippi to help them grow this technology.

Dais Notes logo

Dais Notes is a mobile app that connects college students to their peers in class and others on campus with similar interests. The company received a $10,000 proof-of-concept awards from the Mississippi Seed Fund.

Lobaki Logo - Innovate Mississippi

Lobaki builds "augmented reality" worlds for healthcare, education and corporate training. Their fast growth has been supported by Innovate Mississippi through speaking opportunities, events and an investor roadshow.

Rocketing Systems - Innovate Mississippi

Rocketing Systems makes the software BuzzBassador, which enables Shopify-based e-commerce sites to easily and efficiently manage influencers and affiliates to help them sell more products online and via social media platforms.

Compete Running logo - Innovate Mississippi

Compete Running helps runners get their "number" by taking in running data, adding environmental data and then scoring runs on a scale of 1-100. Innovate Mississippi helping get the startup investor-ready.

Citizen Health logo - Innovate Mississippi

Citizen Health is disrupting medicine by offering a marketplace for primary care transactions that bypass traditional insurance. CEO Brennen Hodge says Innovate Mississippi's advice has been invaluable.

WonderWindow logo

WonderWindow is a highly efficient window for residential and commercial building, designed to move builders to net-zero energy efficient construction. Developed with Mississippi Seed Fund loans and SBIR funding via MS-FAST.

Sonido logo

Sonido offers a full suite of client-management software for recording studios. They're launching their Oxford-based solution with advice from Innovate Mississippi and an award from the Mississippi Seed Fund.

MegaPatch - Logo - Innovate Mississippi

MegaPatch offers a patented pothole patching technology that works in cold weather and lasts longer than traditional asphalt patches.

EasyKale logo - Innovate Mississippi

Inspired by a cancer-research breakthrough, EasyKale is a powdered kale that can be added to meals or recipes in order to add this "superfood" to your daily diet. EasyKale is a Mississippi Seed Fund award recipient.

Reactive Surfaces Logo - Client Stories

Reactive Surfaces adds special abilities such as self-cleaning to coatings using bio-tech, in part with help from a Mississippi Seed Fund grant. Recently they've been working on "atmospheric farming" to capture carbon in the atmosphere and process it into cellulose for use in products.

WISPr Systems Logo - Innovate Mississippi

WISPr Systems designs and manufacturers drones that make installing and configuring high-speed wireless connections easier than ever, thanks in part to a Mississippi Seed Fund award from Innovate Mississippi.

Bidmoni - Fiduciary Shield

Bidmoni's first product, FiduciaryShield, offers businesses of all sizes transparency in choosing retirement accounts for employees. Bidmoni successfully pitched the Mississippi Seed Fund.​

Collegiate Tutoring - Innovate Mississippi Client Story

Collegiate Tutoring, a Mississippi New Venture Challenge winner, offers a web-based tool for connecting college students and qualified tutors, with an emphasis on Greek organizations.

Glo Logo

Vibe LLC, the company behind Glo Cube and Glo Pals, is a quickly growing company based in Starkville and an awardee from the Mississippi Seed Fund.

CampusKnot Logo

CampusKnot, an app that facilitates engagement in college classes, has gained funding, leads and pitch experience via Innovate Mississippi, the MSU eCenter and others.

Curtsy, the clothes-sharing app for college students, is a successful startup in the "sharing economy" space. It got help from the Mississippi Seed Fund.

StayCool Caps have a built in fan making it possible for people to stay cooler even when working in the hot sun. Innovate Mississippi has worked with the founder and helped him find national distribution.

Bac Yeast - Innovate Mississippi

Bac Yeast offers high-quality yeast for beer brewing to breweries around the Southeast. They've worked with Innovate Mississippi and USM's The Accelerator.

Bloombridge Logo

Bloombridge offers a unique service of delivering and maintaining artificial flowers to gravesites for a nominal fee. The company was a Mississippi New Venture Challenge winner.

Kopis Mobile offers mobile-enabled solutions for first responders and the military. Founder Hank Jones credits Innovate Mississippi with critical help on three different occasions.

Quantum Flow developed the Momentum Dryer after winning the top prize in Innovate Mississippi's New Venture Challenge.

NuTech Metals - Innovate Mississippi

NuTech Metals is working on next-generation battle armor for first-responders and military personnel. From the Gulf Coast the company has received advice and Mississippi Seed Fund money from Innovate Mississippi.

MaxBit - innovate client

This innovative idea for a gardening tool won a New Venture Challenge award and got help from Innovate Mississippi and the InnovateMEP partnership.

MetaGames - Seed Fund - Innovate Mississippi

MetaGames is building a video game company aimed at creating titles for the lucrative competitive gaming market, with funding from the Mississippi Seed Fund.

WSN Live provides schools with a turnkey broadcast and streaming product that allows them to stream their sporting events online with speed and ease.


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