Innovate Mississippi is committed to assisting technology entrepreneurs and emerging companies in our state.


Whether you are developing your business plan or seeking early-stage investment capital, our staff of experienced business and economic development professionals wants to help you find the resources you need to grow your enterprise and create jobs in Mississippi.


How We Assess Startups

Innovate Mississippi helps startups using two core tactics: coaching and connecting. Our coaching is based on a rigorous entrepreneurial assessment tool. It contains evaluations to measure a startup’s product, market and financial risk. We work with each startup to develop strategies to mitigate risk and fill gaps.

A large part of setting up a startup for success is connecting its team to the right resources. As startups are guided along the path to growing successful businesses, resources like the Mississippi Seed Fund, Regional Angel Funds & Networks, the Mentor & Entrepreneurial Service Provider networks are engaged along the way.

Who We Focus On

Innovate Mississippi focuses on innovation-based companies with innovative products, processes, materials or business models. We generally do not work with companies in retail services, oil and gas exploration and production franchisees, real estate development, management and investment companies. However; firms will not be disqualified because their customers are in such industries. The Small Business Development Centers and the Mississippi Development Authority have resources to assist entrepreneurs in areas outside the scope of Innovate Mississippi.

The Entrepreneurial Development Process

  • Provide basic information about your innovative venture through out intake form
  • Schedule an Initial Meeting
  • Note: Best to engage at the earliest stage as possible
  • Introduction to the 5 key development areas & “Venture Capital Tools”
  1. Product/Technology
  2. Market
  3. Financial
  4. Management
  5. Execution Plan
  • Mutual Development of path forward
  • Discussion of next steps
  • Mentors
  • Intellectual Property Attorneys
  • Business Legal
  • Accounting
  • Software Developers
  • Prototyping & Design Firms
  • Events (New Venture Challenge, Startup Weekend, Company & Investor Spotlight)
  • Business Development
  • Market Segmentation & Prioritization
  • Financial Modeling (Valley of Death)
  • Beta & Launch Plan Development
  • Pitch Development & Prep
  • Seed Fund Process
  • Business Plan Finishing Touches
  • MS Angel Network
  • MS Seed Fund
  • Individual Investors
  • Other Capital Investors or Funds
  • Periodic Follow Up
  • Re-engagement as applicable
  1. Complete the Confidential Intake Form. Tell us about your startup!
  2. Watch our video below, entitled “For Entrepreneurs” to see how Innovate Mississippi assists technology-based startups.
  3. After reviewing your Intake Survey application, we will contact you to set up a meeting.
  4. During our meeting,  we will assess where you are in the development of your startup and develop a path to market.
  5. This path will include connections to resources, as well as engagement with our online entrepreneurial development tools.
  6. Each subsequent meeting will include a list of “next steps” to help achieve specific milestones in developing your startup.
  7. Depending on the required next steps, we will connect your startup to the Mississippi Seed Fund, Mississippi Angel Investor Network, Mentor Network or other appropriate resources.

Note: All information shared with Innovate Mississippi via intake form or disclosed in meetings will be kept confidential. We are happy to advise entrepreneurs on Intellectual Property protection if that has not already been secured.

'For Entrepreneurs' Webinar

Our CEO, Tony Jeff, recorded this brief webinar to walk you through the high points of our process and give you a better sense of whether you might want to work with us on your startup idea.

Entrepreneur Resources

Mississippi Seed Fund

The Mississippi Seed Fund is managed by Innovate Mississippi, providing high-tech, startup companies with access to pre-seed financing, early-stage risk capital and product development capital to stimulate and accelerate the development of high-performance, technology-based business ventures in Mississippi. The Seed Fund consists of the Proof of Concept, Research and Development, and New Technology Business programs. Click here to learn more.

MS-FAST Program

The MS-FAST Program, led by a Innovate Mississippi, aims to increase the number of SBIR and STTR proposals from small businesses in Mississippi  leading to an increase in the number of SBIR/STTR awards. The program is supported in part by a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) via its FAST partnership program SBIR and STTR are highly competitive programs that encourage small business to explore their technological potential and provide the incentive to profit from commercialization opportunities. See the MS-Fast site for more info.

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