Startup State, formerly Origins of Innovation, from Innovate Mississippi is a podcast exploring the journey of up-and-coming entrepreneurs and startup companies from across Mississippi. Hosted by successful entrepreneur Gary Watts, Startup State delves into the areas of technology, communications, and health care, and explores disruptive ideas that have sprung from the minds – and hard work – of some of Mississippi’s most innovative people.  From Innovate Mississippi, Startup State encourages you to start something great!

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Season 3 of our podcast is here …
along with our new name: Startup State!

In this third season of our podcast, Fuse.Cloud CEO Gary Watts talks with some of the most exciting startups in Mississippi.

WSN Live: Gary speaks with Charlie Helms, founder of WSN Live, about his turnkey streaming solution for schools and churches that allows clients to generate their own revenue.

Rocketing Systems: Co-founder Shelby Baldwin talks about the success of this student-founded company’s product Buzzbassador, an e-commerce platform that automates the onboarding of brand ambassadors and influencers.

Bilal’s EasyKale: Gary visits with Bilal Qizilbash, founder and CEO of health sciences company EasyKale Labs. Bilal discusses the journey that led him from laboratory research to a patented health food product, to founding the Mississippi-based startup EasyKale.

WISPr Systems: Conor Ferguson, founder and CEO of WISPr Systems, sits down with Gary. WISPr is a startup founded while Conor was an electrical engineering student at Mississippi State University. Conor tells his story about how he utilized drone technology to create a unique solution to a common problem for wireless internet service providers, testing to find the optimal location.

Lobaki, Inc.: In this episode of Startup State, host Laura Johns fills in for Gary Watts of Fuse.Cloud, to talk with Lobaki, Inc. founder Vince Jordan, about his journey to forming Mississippi’s first ever virtual reality content creation lab providing customized VR experiences for industrial training, education, healthcare and more. Vince talks about his entrepreneurial path, pivots, and challenges along the way; plus the future of virtual reality. This story will meet you in another dimension.

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Origins of Innovation - Innovate Mississippi podcast

Season 2: Listen to the second season of shows, sponsored by Fuse.Cloud and hosted by Gary Watts.

The new season features five innovative Mississippi companies and products: GloMyra MirrorsCampusKnot, the Momentum Dryer and Maxbit.

Origins of Innovation is a podcast from Innovate Mississippi that takes you behind the scenes of Mississippi’s most innovative startups.

Hear all about the highs, the lows, the concepts, and the execution. Join us each episode for a look into the Origins of Innovation.

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