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The Mississippi Angel Investor Network is a group of accredited investors who review fundraising pitches from Mississippi-based innovation companies seeking seed and growth capital.

The Network is administered by Innovate Mississippi and is comprised of accredited individual and institutional investors from inside and outside of the state.  Companies typically seek funding ranging from $250,000 to $800,000 and represent many technologies such as software, life sciences, and communications.  Companies seeking funding via the Network must either be headquartered in Mississippi or have substantial operations within the state.

About the Mississippi Angel Network

One of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs face is access to seed and growth capital. The purpose of the Mississippi Angel Investor Network is to connect potential investors with emerging technology companies seeking investment.

The Mississippi Angel Investor Network provides entrepreneurs a more effective means to gain access to early-stage capital and contributes to the business and investment climate of the state.

Innovate Mississippi serves both the investors and the entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs, Innovate Mississippi identifies promising Mississippi companies seeking seed or growth capital, provides feedback on their fundraising strategy and materials, and prepares these companies before they present to the Network.

This screening and preparation serve investors by ensuring that only the highest quality company presents to the Network. Innovate Mississippi engages with over 120 companies a year, while only choosing 8-10 companies to present to our Angels.

Although Innovate Mississippi cannot guarantee the outcome of any investment opportunity, it is our hope that the quality deal flow presented to the Network will encourage investors to remain engaged in, and potentially invest in entrepreneurial activities in the state. Typical returns expected are three times return on your investment in three years or five times return in five years.

The Mississippi Angel Investor Network also serves as a forum for social and professional interaction between members who may be fundamental to future technological pursuits in Mississippi. The success and growth of such entrepreneurial endeavors will play a vital role in creating higher-paying jobs, and a more diverse, stable, competitive economy for the state.

North Mississippi Angel Fund

Established in 2018, the North Mississippi Angel Fund brings together investors from Starkville to Corinth together to fund startup companies.

South Mississippi Angel Fund (Established 2022)

Once organized and launched, the South Mississippi Angel Fund will bring together investors from Hattiesburg and parts south to the Gulf Coast.

Mississippi Delta & Oxford Angel Fund (Launching 2023)

Once organized and launched, the Mississippi Delta & Oxford Angel fund will bring together investors from Lafayette County to Desoto County and through the Delta to Yazoo County.

Learn More About the Regional Angel Funds

While Innovate Mississippi has helped with the formation of the regional angel funds, they are independent entities with their own governance and priorities. While participating investors tend to be grouped by geography, the funds are free to invest in companies anywhere in the state, nation or world.