Why Angel Invest?


Dealflow is the lifeblood of angel investing and being part of a network or fund brings access to deals from around the area and from other networks and funds.


A diversified portfolio of investments is a key to investment returns and joining with others to invest provides more diversified investment opportunities.

Get Involved

Investors are rarely just writing a check and startups allow for many opportunities to get involved and ensure the growth of your portfolio companies.

Continuous Learning

Investors learn from their peer investors and making good investment decisions is a function of leaning on the experience of others until your experience matures – and then passing that knowledge to others.

Build the Ecosystem

Your investment drives an ecosystem where we’ve helped develop over 1,500 new companies and connected them with over $181 million in seed and venture capital, resulting in new high-paying jobs being created within our state.


Many of our investors tell us that their peer-to-peer interactions are as valuable as the investments they make and the investor on the other side of the room may become a partner on future endeavors.