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Lobaki To Develop ‘Sports Enhancement’ Virtual Reality Experience for UMMC

For a new virtual reality research project, the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) has selected Jackson-based Lobaki, Inc. The firm will develop what the two organizations are calling a “Sports Enhancement Virtual Reality Experience.”

Lobaki will build the software in support of ongoing UMMC-driven research. They hope to create a new type of virtual reality intervention that will improve physical performance and decrease the risk of injury to athletes.

“We are building an intervention designed to fine tune and improve upon what is known as sensorimotor control,” said Jennifer Reneker, PT, Ph.D., Associate Professor of physical therapy and population health at UMMC. Sensorimotor refers to the interplay of a person’s senses and motor skills.

“We are pleased to have been chosen as the technology provider by UMMC and Dr. Reneker to work on such an important project,” says Vince Jordan, CEO of Lobaki, Inc. “The potential implications this has for athlete safety is substantial.”

The research began in 2018 and will continue with additional development in the fall of 2019. Lobaki anticipates opportunities to commercialize the software, pending the results of the research collaboration and approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for specific uses.

Founded in 2016, Lobaki Inc., is a provider of “Extended Reality” (XR) Experiences—virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 video—along with educational systems for corporations, universities and non-profit organizations.

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