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Prospective Vision Solutions Offers Free Personal Finance Workshops

Angenett Curry, CEO of Prospective Vision Solutions LLC, saw a need in her community to show clients how to manage their personal finances, so she set out to meet it. In her previous career as a student loan coordinator at Itawamba Community College, she saw firsthand the damage that Mississippi families experience when they don’t know how to manage personal finances.

If you don’t take good care of your money, then your money won’t take good care of you,” she said.

After witnessing those challenges, Curry started a company to create workshops to assist families with managing their personal finances, credit repair, and holistic living. Curry believes that creating a personal financial game plan will ensure that families become viable citizens and business owners who nourish their community.

Her company, a certified minority-owned business, offers free financial literacy workshops in partnership with local libraries, banks, credit unions and others, with the goal of helping people improve their credit rating and get out of debt. Families use three tools—Vision Board, Financial Game Plan and Community Outreach—to set their goals. They then create an action plan to achieve those goals.

Prospective Vision Solutions recently partnered with the City of Vicksburg to provide 90 days of credit repair services to City of Vicksburg employees. She has also partnered with Vicksburg Park & Recreation to provide financial literacy education classes for ages 8-13. These classes will show them how to save, invest, and spend money responsibly.  Angenett is also working with the Vicksburg Warren High Schools to provide “Adulting 101” financial literacy education to 11th and 12th graders that will cover savings, investing, job security, integrity issues, and conflict resolution.

In 2022, Curry participated in the CoBuilders accelerator, a rigorous 12-week program for small businesses. The program provided funding and technical assistance with creating products and services to grow their business. Curry was also selected along with four other recipients to receive a $10,000 seed award from the Mississippi Seed Fund for testing and developing her business products, marketing strategies, and customer responses.

Curry said she’s interested in offering these financial literacy workshops throughout Mississippi. Organizations that want to partner with PVS to offer financial literacy workshops for their constituents can call Curry at 662-372-6255 or write Individuals can access Prospective Vision Solutions services by filling out this online form (