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Gulf Blue Navigator Sets Sail with Cohort Year One Announcement

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is a hub for innovation in ocean conservation, with Gulf Blue Navigator leading the charge. Under the University of Southern Mississippi Research Foundation, this program aims to accelerate late-stage startups toward revenue generation.

Over four months, Gulf Blue Navigator provides expertise, collaboration opportunities, research facilities, testing capabilities, funding avenues, and physical infrastructure tailored for success.

Following the success of the Pilot Cohort, the Research Foundation is excited to launch its first cohort called Cohort-1.

Here are the startups in Cohort-1:

Mythos AI Inc. (HQ: Florida) – Develops vessel automation and self-driving technologies.
Levanta Tech (HQ: Missouri) – Creates a versatile drone for ocean data collection.
BLUEiQ (HQ: Massachusetts) – Innovates dual-use passive acoustic sensing systems.
SeaSats, Inc. (HQ: California) – Specializes in modular uncrewed surface vessels.
V2 Forensics (HQ: Mississippi) – Develops data extraction and cyber security solutions.
Oscilla Power Inc. (HQ: Washington) – Focuses on advanced wave energy converters.

These startups aim to make significant contributions to ocean health and technological advancement. Gulf Blue Navigator provides resources and support for scaling these ventures, fostering a supportive environment for entrepreneurial growth.

As Cohort-1 sets sail, Gulf Blue Navigator invites aspiring entrepreneurs and stakeholders to join in charting new waters for the future of ocean conservation. Visit the Gulf Blue Navigator website to learn more about this exciting journey.