The Tech Tribune Releases Best Startups in Mississippi for 2021

The Tech Tribune Releases Best Startups in Mississippi for 2021

The Tech Tribune released a list of some of the best tech startups in Mississippi and Innovate Mississippi is excited to share and celebrate these top companies with the innovation ecosystem in our state.

SchoolStatus, founded in 2012, is #1 on the “Best Tech Startups in Mississippi” list, and has made the list for the past three years. According to the company, SchoolStatus is the only student-data analytics platform that is paired with communication tools to grow engagement between school and home. SchoolStatus can help clean up and aggregate disjointed data, it presents clear visualizations for all educators, shows helpful trends via simple diagrams, and turns data into action for each and every student.

#2 on the Tech Tribune’s list is EdgeTheory, a Ridgeland-based company (and long-time friend of Innovate Mississippi) that creates and distributes “atomic content at scale” to business professionals. Like SchoolStatus, EdgeTheory was founded in 2012 and has also received honors in the Best Tech Startups in Mississippi for the past three years. Their technology provides daily digital content that brands can use from trusted sources, smart content (suggested messages), and an easy way to share across multiple platforms.

WISPR Systems, an Innovate Mississippi client and Mississippi Seed Fund recipient, was founded in 2017 and comes in at #3 on the list. WISPR created the first drone that can safely carry and power a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) antenna and autonomously complete a site survey to locate the strongest signal strength to install wireless internet services. Their drone and software increase efficiency and save time and money, especially for rural internet installations.

Innovation Report 2021’s cover models—the founders of Rocketing Systems—made the list at #4. Founded in 2019, their flagship product, Buzzbassador, is a CRM-like platform that automates the back-office tasks of running brand-ambassador marketing campaigns. The company is a 2021 Mississippi Seed Fund recipient and a very exciting student startup from Starkville.

Listed at #5 is Innovate Mississippi client Kopis Mobile. Founded in 2013, it’s also been honored in the Best Tech Startups in Mississippi for the last three years. This tech company designs and manufactures digital tools that provide advanced mobile technology and products for the Department of Defense, law enforcement agencies, and private security companies. Their technology minimizes the weight and enhances the tech equipment of soldiers, first responders, and law enforcement officers.

Founded in 2017, and coming in #6 on the Tech Tribune list, is yet another Innovate Mississippi client: Citizen Health. Citizen Health is a public benefit organization rebuilding healthcare for the next generation by reinventing how healthcare is managed and paid for.

#7 on the list is NunoErin, founded in 2011 and honored in the 2021 Best Tech Startups in Mississippi. NunoErin is a  high-tech interactive play and engagement company that uses data capture to create digital experiences that attract, connect, and delight customers while making businesses more profitable.

Thanks to the Tech Tribune for this fabulous roundup of Mississippi startups! If you’ve got an idea for a startup and you’d like to work with Innovate Mississippi, please check out our resources for entrepreneurs here on the site.

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