Heading 2: ILED (Innovation-Led Economic Development)

Paragraph: Connecting the Dots from Creativity to Cash
ILED (Innovation-Led Economic Development) emphasizes innovation as a central mechanism for economic development.

Heading 2: Venture Coaching Academy

Heading 3: The Innovate Mississippi Venture Coaching Academy gives entrepreneurs, service providers, investors and economic developers the tools to coach new ventures to success.

Paragraph: The three day course will teach you how to size up a client, evaluate the deal and prepare the client to pitch the deal to investors.

Blockquote: The three day course will teach you how to size up a client, evaluate the deal and prepare the client to pitch the deal to investors. Designed for busy professionals, the course includes a one-hour webinar each week with additional learning on your own.Tim Mask

Heading 4: Registration is now open for the next Venture Coaching Academy that begins in November.

Heading 5: To learn more about the Venture Coaching Academy, contact Bubba Weir at 601-960-3620 or bweir@innovate.ms.

Heading 2: Mississippi Innovation Network

Paragraph: Innovate Mississippi works with local public, academic and private sector partners to develop ILED programs specific to each region of the state. The purpose is to build regional networks to foster entrepreneurship and connect entrepreneurs to private equity investors and professional service providers.

Paragraph: ILED practitioners throughout the state form the Mississippi Innovation Network in each region. Innovate Mississippi uses the same regional map as Momentum Mississippi.

Click here to view the Momentum Mississippi regions.

Heading 2: Innovation-Led Economic Development Training

Innovate Mississippi has developed five ILED training modules to educate stakeholders about the importance of innovation-led economic development approaches as part of an overall economic development strategy including best practices for regional approaches and Mississippi-specific activities and programs. Each 2-hour workshop can be presented onsite in your region at no cost to participants.

    Unordered List: Topics covered are:

  • Introduction to ILED
  • Commercialization 101
  • Commercialization Tools
  • Angel Investing 101 and Market Research Methods

For more information about ILED Training, contact Bubba Weir.

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