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Micrsoft's JJ Townsend has led Techspark's work in Mississippi.

Microsoft’s TechSpark Expands to all 50 States

Innovate Mississippi is proud to be a part of the incredible progress made in our state over the past year. We’re honored to work alongside our partners, JJ Townsend and the Microsoft TechSpark program, to bring CoBuilders Accelerator and help cultivate a brighter future for Mississippi.

“TechSpark’s initial partnership in the state was helping to launch CoBuilders Accelerator with Innovate Mississippi, a nonprofit aimed at promoting entrepreneurship,” wrote Townsend. “Over the past 20 years, they have been instrumental in the development of 1,500 new companies and have facilitated over $181 million in seed and venture capital. The first cohort of the Microsoft-powered CoBuilders Accelerator ended this fall with 16 startups receiving seed funding, mentorship, and access to Microsoft’s Founder’s Hub to enhance their growth.”

Congratulations on the expansion of TechSpark to all 50 states!

Today’s announcement of TechSpark expansion to all 50 US states has filled me with great excitement because it will build off the lessons learned from the deep community engagement work of Microsoft TechSpark from the previous 5 years in regions throughout the US and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and activate these learnings in all 50 states,” wrote Townsend. “This is a great opportunity for community organizations focused on creating inclusive economic opportunities to apply to receive a mix of funding and contextual technical assistance through in-person and virtual support.”

Together with Microsoft, JJ Townsend and TechSpark, we at Innovate Mississippi are excited to continue to innovate and create positive change for the Magnolia State and beyond. Read Townsend’s full LinkedIn post about progress in Mississippi.