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MBJ Reports: ‘Mississippi a Technology Gem’

We’re excited to see Mississippi’s thriving technology scene get well-deserved attention. According to a recent article by Becky Gillette in the Mississippi Business Journal, our state is quickly becoming known as a great place for technology innovation.

“We just forgot to tell ourselves and the rest of the world,” said Joe Donovan, director of the Mississippi Development Authority Office for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. There are technology gems across the state. The Coast has done an amazing job with the Blue Economy. There is a lot going on in aerospace. If it flies in space, it was tested at the Stennis Space Center. Mississippi universities are doing a lot of practical development with autonomous air, ground, and water vehicles. We are developing a plan to capitalize on everything that is going on.”

One of the reasons that Mississippi is earning this reputation is the Mississippi Strategic Innovation Plan, released by the Mississippi Economic Development Council and the Mississippi Research Consortium. It details the work that organizations such as Innovate Mississippi will continue to do with Mississippi’s research universities and economic development organizations.As a result, we’re seeing many startups and established companies exploring cutting-edge technologies and getting help from various entities in Mississippi’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Mississippi’s growing reputation as a “technology gem” is a testament to our people’s hard work and creativity, and it bodes well for the future of our state. Let’s continue to foster innovation and embrace the opportunities that technology presents.

Thanks to Ms. Gillette and the MBJ team for their hard work on this story and for including Innovate Mississippi in their reporting.

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