MBJ Business Showcase — Enviro-Linen: This business is cleaning up

Like many other successful Mississippi entrepreneurs I’ve known through the years, Bert Rubinski, CEO of Enviro-Linen, as built, sold, and started a number of successful businesses. This is one thing that seems to characterize the successful entrepreneur….namely, a fundamental enthusiasm for starting and building new enterprises.

After growing up in Jackson and attending LSU, Bert became involved in the family business, which was focused on uniform rentals. Eventually, he engineered growth in the business to the point that there were upwards of 200 employees, and then sold the business to G & K Services.

Following the sale, he started another business focused on providing linen services to restaurants, casinos, and other clients. That business eventually grew to employ about 185 people, and, yes–that business was sold as well.

Fast-forward to now. Bert has now moved into another new business called Enviro-Linen, which is focused on cleaning up many different types of environments, notably hospitals and other health-care facilities, hotels, and more. The company manufactures a line of microfiber towels that it says will dramatically reduce the prevalence of bacteria in high-risk environments.

In addition, the company has a consumer line which is sold on Amazon, known as Laguna Blue.

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