In technology, the idea matters, but not that much

Posted by: Contributing columnist, Clarion-Ledger, Business, March 30, 2016:

635833795407067530-Tony-JeffSome readers may know that I’ve sometimes described Innovate Mississippi as “Mississippi’s Shark Tank.” Now that ABC’s “Shark Tank” is so popular, it makes it easy to explain in a few words that part of what we do. In reality, that’s only half of what Innovate Mississippi actually does, as our existing industry group, InnovateMEP Mississippi, is nationally recognized for helping Mississippi’s manufacturers. For some reason, though, the conversations I have nearly always come back to technology start-ups and whether at a business function or among friends, I almost always hear the same two questions: “Have you heard any good ideas lately?” and “What does it take for me to make millions with my idea?”

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