Funding resources


The Mississippi Seed Fund is managed by Innovate Mississippi our mission is to provide high-tech, startup companies with access to pre-seed financing, early-stage risk capital, and product development capital to stimulate and accelerate the development of high-performance, technology-based business ventures in Mississippi.

Eligible companies must be technology-based, sufficiently innovative to provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and have the potential for significant, high performance growth. (High performance is defined as value-added per employee, sales per employee, revenues per employee, and/or employment levels per sales exceeding the national average for the industry sector.)

1. Proof of Concept

The award focuses on pre-seed and seed stages including prototype development, products, and market validation.

3. Growth

Mississippi early-stage technology-based company in a development stage prior to full production. This is further defined as any stage from product and market validation to business plan implementation and early market sales.

2. Research & Develpment

The award focuses on Mississippi companies performing technology-based product-related research and development with a Mississippi university or community college.

4. Angel Investor Funds

Angel Investors from across Mississippi partner or work closely with Innovate Mississippi forming regional funds such as the Central Mississippi Angel Fund, North Mississippi Angel Fund, Bulldog Angel Network, and more set to launch in 2021.