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FoundersPlus Accelerator Cohort for Women- and Minority-Led Startups

Too often in Mississippi and nationwide, women and minority founders are not just underrepresented—they are underestimated. Seeing successful female and minority entrepreneurs empowers others to pursue their ventures and creates a chain reaction of community success.

The success of businesses led by women and people of color has a powerful impact on Mississippi’s social and economic development. Such companies create jobs, contribute taxes, and address community needs, strengthening the overall social fabric of Mississippi. We invest in more robust, more vibrant communities by supporting their growth.

Innovate Mississippi is bridging the gap with FoundersPlus, fulfilling its commitment to fair and equitable access to entrepreneurial resources. FounderPlus provides the resources and mentorship for underrepresented founders to acclimatize and participate in our ecosystem, which fosters long-term economic prosperity for all of us.

The FoundersPlus program introduces participants to business development concepts during a 6-week program highlighting steps toward building a successful business. The program aims to make founders more competitive for the CoBuilders Accelerator program, where companies receive investment opportunities.

FoundersPlus is an entrepreneurial development program focused on developing companies led by women and minority founders. Join us!