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Founder’s Corner: AI Productivity Tools and yCombinator’s Request for Startups

by David Collins

Generative AI tools are all over the news. While ChatGPT grabs a lot of the headlines, I’ve had folks ask me for more nuanced opinions of these tools, particularly from the perspective of getting a startup off the ground.

I think that entrepreneurs will see immense benefits from finding generative AI productivity tools that match their working style and team dynamic. I’ve listed several below to get you started:

  1. Umso: This platform helps you generate a free landing page using Generative AI. Just type in what you want, and out pops a pre-filled landing page that you can customize to your heart’s content.
  2. Gamma: One of the most helpful productivity tools I’ve encountered is AI slide generators. The best “freemium” version I have used is It allows you to not only make and edit slides, but documents as well.
  3. Botpress: The quickest way that I’ve identified to build a generative AI-driven chat platform is through Botpress. It has a freemium account when you sign up with Google, and you can test out various workflows for your needs.
  4. This platform provides a great example of text to 3D-model generation, which will be important in the next 12 months in technology. Other text-to-3D model platforms, such as Maket and Meshcapade, are worth looking at to understand two applications of text-to-3D generated content. Not only are these technologies fun to play with, but they offer an efficient way to model the look and feel of products you want to bring to market.

Meanwhile, if you’re hunting for a good startup idea in the topic areas that funders are interested in, I’ve got a great read for you. yCombinator’s “Requests for Startups” page is a collection of categories that they’re seeking from founder pitches this year.

yCombinator is one of the most famous startup accelerators on earth. This also puts them in an excellent position to know what startups are out there and which are not. They’ve curated a list of their favorite startups that they wish they saw. Hopefully, it can inspire you too.