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Innovate Mississippi and Angel Investors have been working together to form four member-managed regional investment funds across Mississippi – North Mississippi Angel Fund (Formed 2018), Central Mississippi Angel Fund (Formed 2020), South Mississippi Angel Fund & Mississippi Delta/Oxford Angel Fund. Participation in a fund is often a better choice for investors looking to spread risk by diversifying smaller investments across many companies and sharing due diligence. Innovate Mississippi can share best practices for angel fund development with any group serious about forming an angel fund.

In addition to other informal partnerships, Innovate Mississippi’s Angel Investor Network often works closely with the regional funds including the North Mississippi Angel Fund, the Central Mississippi Angel Fund, and the Bulldog Angel Network – an angel network for companies and investors associated with Mississippi State University.

If you are an accredited investor interesting in joining other Mississippi investors as an individual or in a fund forming in your area, please contact us at

Angel Funds

Angel Investor Funds

If you are an accredited investor interesting in joining other Mississippi investors as an individual or in a local fund, please contact us at

Innovate Mississippi has brought together several investor groups and types to connect them to investor-ready deals. Those resources include:

All entrepreneurs begin with a rigorous and thorough entrepreneurial development process to prepare them to become investor-ready deals and qualify for introduction to investors.

The Mississippi Seed Fund also has a proof-of-concept fund (10k) that can help entrepreneurs get to investor-ready status, but all entrepreneurs must start with the Innovate Mississippi Entrepreneurial Development Team and be qualified before being introduced to investors.

Our Economic Impact

Innovate Mississippi has a significant economic impact on the state. For 20 years, we’ve helped develop over 1,500 new companies and connected them with over $181 million in seed and venture capital, resulting in new high-paying jobs being created within our state. We are able to continue providing coaching and connection to resources for entrepreneurs thanks to the generous support of our public and private sponsors.

800 +
companies accelerated
2000 +
High-paying jobs created
in private investment
$ 10
state cost per job