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As Glo Succeeds Nationally, Its Local Commitments Grow

The technology behind Glo Pals started in a classroom project at Mississippi State University, with the MSU E-Center playing a pivotal role in transitioning it from a student endeavor to a burgeoning startup. Water-activated light-up technology was initially developed to add a fun element to drinks at parties. However, it soon found an alternative purpose. Inspired by a child with autism who needed comfort during bath time, the mission shifted to creating products that enhance the sensory experience of children and make bath time more enjoyable.

Led by its founders, Hagan Walker, Chief Executive Officer, and Anna Barker, Chief Creative Officer, Glo Pals embodies a collective vision rooted in innovation, empathy, and a steadfast commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of children and communities worldwide. Central to Glo’s philosophy is a belief in the magic of childhood and the significance of play, which is evident not only in their product line but also in their office environment and team culture.

Housed within a repurposed historic movie theater, Glo’s headquarters is a testament to blending nostalgia with modern functionality. The decision to transform the theater reflects the team’s commitment to creating an inviting work environment to attract top talent while helping improve their hometown of Starkville. Their restoration efforts retained the theater’s heritage while incorporating contemporary amenities, seamlessly integrating past elegance and present-day functionality—and fun.

The Glo team


Creativity flourishes amidst cinema nostalgia, with former ticket booths serving as vibrant innovation hubs. Sunlight streams through ample windows, casting an ambiance that mirrors the tranquil essence of Glo’s mission. Around the corner, a lively workroom buzzes with activity as Glo’s products take shape against a backdrop of bright colors, playful motifs and images of beloved Sesame Street characters. (Glo partners with Sesame Street to produce some of their characters as Glo Pals.)

Glass-walled offices lining the hallways exemplify transparency and collaboration, fostering community among the spirited team. Here, work and play mix as music reverberates and dogs roam the halls, reinforcing the ethos that fun is paramount even in professional settings.

The theater’s grandeur meshes with the practicality of modern business logistics, with original fixtures offset by contemporary shelving units and a period chandelier shining above. Symbolizing Glo’s journey from humble beginnings to global outreach, the warehouse is a hub for shipping products to over 48 countries from downtown Starkville.

Grounded in a commitment to local talent, Glo harnesses the creative energy of Starkville, nurturing homegrown expertise across all facets of its operations. Recognizing the wealth of talent within the community, they prioritize early career cultivation, investing in the next generation of Mississippi’s innovators.

Glo remains steadfast in its dedication to social impact, with a portion of every Glo Pals purchase contributing to Children’s of Mississippi. Since its inception in 2019, Glo has contributed over $50,000 to the hospital, underscoring its commitment to fostering a brighter future for children everywhere.