Victor RobinsonVictor Robinson is an investment manager for Innovate Mississippi. His professional background includes tenures in healthcare administration and independent work as a business broker. Robinson’s skills include acquisitions, finance, and communication; he’s specifically skilled in identifying and addressing strategic challenges for startups and businesses.

Robinson, who has an MBA from the University of Mississippi, began his career in a prominent healthcare administration role. He said he always felt drawn toward entrepreneurship and found a way to do that full-time when he transitioned into independent business brokering. As a broker he supported business owners, retirees, and other professionals in setting up their ventures while he deepened his understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

At Innovate Mississippi, Robinson will focus on managing the SSBCI funds, which offer direct funding for startups from the federal government in partnership with the state of Mississippi. This position allows him to serve startup founders within the state, providing them with the necessary capital to fuel their growth while growing their businesses in Mississippi.

Outside his professional life, Victor enjoys spending quality time with his family: his wife, Lyndsey and two children, Carson and Brooklynn. He enjoys traveling, camping, and attending his children’s sports events and extracurricular activities.