You are currently viewing WLBT: Dr. Nashlie Sephus Announces $25 Million Tech Hub Downtown

WLBT: Dr. Nashlie Sephus Announces $25 Million Tech Hub Downtown

Howard Ballou of WLBT reported this comprehensive look at the new Jackson Tech District that Dr. Nashlie Sephus, an Innovate Mississippi board member and mentor, has just announced for downtown Jackson.

The $25 million development will start in phase one with live-work residential spaces, retail, and meeting space. In the short-term, she said the area will offer wireless Internet access in a COVID-safe environment for school kids to access the internet and receive tutoring.

Sephus was a co-founder of the startup PartPic, which sold to Amazon in 2016. She still works for Amazon, putting her Ph.D. in computer science to work in studying artificial intelligence, with a focus on ways to get potential bias out of AI code. As a Jackson native, she has a strong desire to give back to her hometown, having launched The Bean Path in 2018, a nonprofit organization dedicated to technology-based education and mentorship.

Sephus say her new venture has the full support of the City of Jackson, and that construction will get underway in 2021.

For more, see Howard Ballou’s WLBT report here.

We at Innovate Mississippi are extremely proud of Nashlie and can’t wait to see what she has in store for Jackson as this project comes together.

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