Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Program

The MTA Entrepreneurs in Residence are experienced entrepreneurs and senior managers who are looking to mentor early stage companies.  If a particularly good synergy is felt between the mentors and the start-up, some of these individuals may be willing to take on a larger role within organizations – such as Board seats, formal Advisory Board positions, or other roles within the start-up.

How to enlist the services of the Entrepreneurs in Residence:  

  1. Start-up companies will engage in the normal MTA Entrepreneurial Development Process.
  2. After meeting with MTA and enlisting in the process, the company and MTA will work together to see if an Entrepreneur in Residence would be of value to the company.
  3. MTA will then invite the selected Entrepreneur in Residence to participate in the next meeting between MTA and the start-up company.  (Either in person, via video conference, or via phone.)
  4. If the company and the Entrepreneur in Residence felt that they can work together to help the company, they will proceed with a relationship that fits both parties.

MTA's Entrepreneurs in Residence:

Joel Bomgar Photo 

Joel Bomgar founded Bomgar Corporation while working his way through college as a senior systems engineer. After graduating top of his class from Belhaven College in May of 2003, he used his experience supporting remote users to develop the technology that would later become the Bomgar Box™. Unlike traditional remote control software, this technology allowed a technical support representative to provide immediate technical support to any computer, anywhere in the world, in a matter of seconds. Bomgar ultimately secured $20M in growth capital from Southern Farm Bureau Life and Ambassador John Palmer. With over $20M in annual revenue and 5,000 customers in all 50 states and 48 countries internationally, Bomgar is one of the 10 fastest-growing software companies in America.

Joel’s Service Area Interests include: Company Strategy, Product Strategy, Go-To-Market Strategy, Choosing a Name/Brand (or Rebranding), Positioning (Company or Product), Fundraising, Growth Planning, Stock Options/Equity Participation, Conflicts Between Founders, Finding a FOCUS!!!

Joel’s Industry Areas of Expertise include:  Information Technology, other industries  


Tom Kornmeier is a Managing Director with Houlihan Smith & Company in the New York office. Mr. Kornmeier serves  on assisting alternative investment advisors with their portfolio valuation, M&A advisory, restructuring and transaction advisory needs. Prior to joining Houlihan Smith, Mr. Kornmeier was a founding partner of Quantitative Alpha. Quantitative Alpha employed an investing approach that integrated a set of carefully researched alphas with a unique and effective investment process. Before founding Quantitative Alpha, Mr. Kornmeier was a financial advisor for UBS A.G. where he was responsible for the management of a large portfolio of fixed income and equity securities. 

Mr. Kornmeier began his career in finance as Executive Vice President of Riskspan L.L.C. While he was there he managed the sales and marketing of Riskpan's valuation and risk management application for fixed income securities for buy and sell side enterprises. Other responsibilities included security modeling and reverse engineering of fixed income instruments for accurate modeling by Riskspan’s analytic tools.  Mr. Kornmeier is involved with the Real Men Read program in the Chicago Public School System and the Children Affected by A.I.D.S Foundation. Mr. Kornmeier holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Tom’s Service Area Interest include:  Business Development / Sales, Finance, Technology Development

Tom’s Industry Interest include:  Polymers / Materials, Transportation, Information Technology, Manufacturing


Mark J. McCreery is an entrepreneur who has been involved in 23 different start-up businesses since 1988. In November of 2005, McCreery sold his interest in AmeriMail Direct, Inc., which he began with his wife in 1996. McCreery had served as President of this Jackson, Mississippi-based company which is a direct mail company specializing in corporate marketing, data management, printing and graphics. McCreery currently serves as President of MJM Consulting Group, Inc., a political and business consulting firm. His business consulting experience is largely focused on operational and administrative issues, as well as designing new processes or workflows for clients. This experience has seen a primary focus on database development, design and implementation – whether for company marketing activities, government use or within the scope of complex website solutions.

In addition, McCreery is managing-member of several real estate-related companies based in Mississippi and is also involved in several technology-oriented companies. Finally, McCreery is currently raising capital for various companies through his private equity / venture capital company, FriedGreenCapital. His capital fundraising focus through FriedGreenCapital has been on technology-oriented companies and “green” bio-energy/bio-fuel concepts. Mr. McCreery has served as a financial and strategic consultant to various political and business clients across the country over the past 18 years. Current and past clients include dozens of local and statewide Mississippi candidates. 

Mark’s Service Area Interests include: General Management & Strategy, Business Development / Sales,  Market Research

Mark’s Industry Interests: Any technology-oriented industries


Nathan McNeill co-founded Bomgar in 2003 and is responsible for aligning Bomgar’s long-term product strategy with the needs of Bomgar’s 5,000 customers. He interacts closely with this growing customer base to communicate Bomgar’s future plans and gather real-world feedback. McNeill is active in monitoring market trends and interacting with support industry leaders and analysts to ensure Bomgar’s solutions stay relevant as the business and technological landscape evolves.  McNeill is also responsible for product marketing and Bomgar’s go to market strategy. He works closely with Bomgar’s marketing organization to ensure consistent, customer-oriented messaging.

McNeill speaks at many Bomgar and industry events, including SSPA, HDI, and the Demo Conference 2006, where, presenting alongside Joel Bomgar, he received the DEMOgod award for one of the 10 best demos out of a field of 70 hand-selected companies. Outside work, he enjoys hiking, skiing (a little north of Mississippi), running, and reading. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Belhaven College with a degree in philosophy.

Nathan’s Service Area Interests include:  Product Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Positioning, Presentation, Messaging, Press, Analyst Communications

Nathan’s Industry Interests include: Information Technology

Marquita Qualls photo 

Dr. Marquita M. Qualls is a Sr. Managing Partner at Entropia Consulting Group, a business and management strategy firm. Entropia was formed in 2008 and is dedicated to providing world-class business solutions and services that include strategy development, knowledge management, alliance development, operational efficiency, and training and facilitation. 

Dr. Qualls is a trained scientist and astute business professional with a history of driving needed change in both corporate and nonprofit environments. She is an organic chemist turned strategist with over 15 years of research training in the chemical sciences and nearly 20 years of leadership experience in the US and abroad. Her experience spans from the bench to the boardroom.  Dr. Qualls has conducted and published chemical and biomedical research at Purdue University and has developed strategy at GlaxoSmithKline, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. At GSK, she held roles of increased international responsibility spanning drug development, technology evaluation, business process improvement, program management and capital planning via facilities and scientific strategy development.  Though her experience is rooted in the pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises, Dr. Qualls has amassed an extensive network within industry, academia, and government.

Marquita’s Service Area Interests include:  General Management & Strategy, Business Development, Technology Development, Market Research

Marquita’s Industry Interests include: Agriculture, Biotechnology, Defense/Homeland Security, Energy, Healthcare Technology, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers/Materials


Chris Semones is a veteran entrepreneur, and a former executive at a string of successful tech start-ups, mid-caps and two of the world’s largest tech companies. He has a B.S. in Finance and Accounting and a law degree from Cornell University. Currently, he evaluates businesses for venture capitalists, corporations and government-sponsored seed funds, provides start-up consulting to dozens of entrepreneurs each year and teaches seminars on effective investment presentation techniques.

 In 2008, Chris sold two of his own start-ups and provided consulting to companies in the following industries: alternative energy, healthcare, internet, and information technology.  He also evaluated over 50 businesses at the request of various venture funds, corporations and government-sponsored entities.

Chris’ Service Area Interests include:  General Management & Strategy, Business Development / Sales, Finance, Marketing, Funding

Chris’ Industry Areas of Expertise include:  Defense / Homeland Security, Alternative Energy, Financial Services, Geospatial Technology, Healthcare Technology, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Green Technology, Internet Companies, Faith-based Enterprises