Innovation is right at home in Mississippi.

Since 2002, Pointe Innovation magazine has greeted its readers with articles and features
telling the Mississippi story by highlighting the impressive individuals, ideas, companies and
products that proudly call Mississippi home.   

Advertisers have the opportunity to reach our diverse and comprehensive audience through
this award-winning, 80-page publication, and also be a part of promoting our state’s brightest
and innovative minds.

Our readers are looking for the latest and greatest technologies to help their businesses and homes run flawlessly and efficiently.  They are the corporate decision makers and our children’s educators, the homemakers and entrepreneurs who need time- and cost-effective solutions to everyday life.  Our advertisers’ reach is strong and their message is delivered to our readers, who make things happen throughout Mississippi. 

If you have any questions about Pointe Innovation magazine or would like additional information, please contact Sandra Buckley.

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