Tweetable Truths About Magazines

Source: Magazine Publishers of America

Article: "Advertising in a down cycle gives you a competitive edge" from the Journal of South Mississippi Business

Magazines Make a Difference

Top Reasons to Advertise in Magazines

Magazine advertising is valuable content: Consumers value magazine advertising, according to numerous studies. Yankelovich and Dynamic Logic both report that consumers are more likely to have a positive attitude toward advertising in magazines compared to other media. In addition, consumers are more likely to turn to magazines to search for information across a variety of categories compared to the internet, based on research from MediaVest.

Magazine print and digital audiences are growing: The number of magazine readers as well as the average number of magazine issues read in the past month has grown over the past five years. In addition, magazine website usage is growing faster than web usage overall.
Magazines are a leading influence on word-of-mouth: Magazine readers are more likely than users of other media to influence friends and family on products across a variety of categories. Magazines are also most likely to complement the web in reaching social networkers, whom marketers increasingly favor in generating buzz.

Magazine advertising sells: Several studies demonstrate that magazines are generally the strongest driver of purchase intent. Perhaps this is because more than half of all readers act on magazine ads, according to Affinity Research.

Magazine advertising drives web search, traffic and action taking: BIGresearch proves that magazines lead other media in influencing consumers to start a search for merchandise online, ranking at or near the top by gender as well as by age. In addition, studies from Marketing Evolution, JupiterResearch and the Online Publishers Association show that ads in magazines or on magazine websites boost web traffic, spur online purchase and offline behavior.
Source:  Magazine Publishers of America.

Readership Trends

Magazine Readership Remains Strong

More than four out of five U.S. adults read magazines. Magazine audience – including readership among younger adults – has remained strong over the past five years despite the growth of new media options.
Source:  Magazine Publishers of America, MRI Fall Studies 2004 and 2008.

Accountability: Magazines Get Results

Technology: Magazines Target Key Purchase Influencers

Two independent sources show that above average magazine readers are key influencers for technology products. IntelliQuest reports that heavy users of magazines are more likely to be decision makers for the purchase of their company’s technology users – even more so than heavy users of the internet.
Source:  Magazine Publishers of America, IntelliQuest Business Study, Spring 2008.