Ad Worksheet

If you need Pointe Innovation to design your ad for you, please take a moment to download and fill out the Ad Worksheet. Once completed, please fax the worksheet to 601-960-3605. An account representative will contact you with any questions or to arrange delivery of any needed artwork or files.

Download Ad Worksheet
Please provide the requested information and then click on the "Submit" button.


For maximum effectiveness, a headline should be 10 words or less. The headline needs to be interesting enough to engage the audience into reading the rest of the ad. If you want us to come up with a headline, please list your main idea, the single message you want to get across to the audience.


Your body copy should be brief - too much information is a sure way to loose a reader. The copy should highlight your main idea, and ending with a call to action (ex: "... for more information visist our web site" or " now.) If you'd like us to write your body copy, please list several highlights about your main idea - what makes your service or product better, and describe your service or product as though to someone who has no idea what your company does.


The image is usually what keeps the reader from turning the page, passing up your ad. If you own photography that is specific to your product or service, please let us know. If you'd like us to select images from our stock library, please list images you'd like to see on your ad.


Please list any contact information you'd like to have on the ad. We suggest a mailing address, phone number, web site and if you have a general email address such as ""


These are things that need to be on your ad - like your logo, a tag line or saying that is associated with your business, and accreditations or membership organization symbols. Please provide any graphic files.