Meet Demand While Increasing Productivity and Capacity

What is Lean Enterprise?

A Lean Enterprise produces more with existing resources by eliminating non-value added activities. Manufacturers are facing increased worldwide competition and the stakes are high. The winners in this competition work to eliminate overproduction caused by traditional scheduling systems and only make what customers want when they want it.

Lean establishes a systematic approach to eliminating these wastes and creating flow throughout the whole company. It also helps you develop and implement a long-term plan to streamline your operations for success.

Benefits of Lean


A sheet metal fabrication shop implemented lean techniques and saw a 90% reduction in manufacturing time, decreasing the average process time from two weeks to one day. Productivity increased by 30% saving $125,000 in labor, while floor space used was reduced by 40% and WIP was virtually eliminated.

LE101 - One-Day Workshop: Principles of Lean Manufacturing

Lean is part of an integrated suite of tools and services developed specifically for manufacturers. At this workshop you'll learn the principals of lean manufacturing and how to apply them. During the simulation exercises as a member of the production team for Buzz Electronics, you'll apply lean concepts such as standardized work, visual signals, batch-size reduction, pull systems, and more. Experience firsthand how lean improves quality, reduces cycle time, improves delivery performance and reduces WIP and enables Buzz to show a profit.